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Running for the Homeless

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Thanks everyone for their contribution to my fundraiser

J. Meise
J. Meise schrieb am 21.10.2012

Kälteschutz für Obdachlose: €898.00

Dear friends,

as many have seen on my Facebook page, I completed my 42.6km charity run last Sunday in a personal best time of just over 4:30h.

While my legs are still aching even a week after the run, I wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to this fundraiser. I actually overshot my goal by quite a bit...

I contacted the charity I have been running for and am today sending the first 900 Euros... While Munich is enjoying a fairly warm October, the charity director was thrilled to learn, that we have been able to secure funds for all sleeping bags they are looking to buy this year.

I will send a few pics of the sleeping bags in a seperate email later this quarter and will discuss with the charity on what we want to do with the additional 500 Euros I still have left... stay tuned for more info.

BTW, unfortunately I cannot identify everyone, who donated via betterplace.org unless you wrote your name in the message, the only way to contact everyone is through these notes here. So, to all known and anonymous donors:

Many thanks for your generosity...

Rgds Jan