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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

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Eine Spendenaktion von G. Marynissen

Gert's Run For Your Money


Worum es geht

Thanks for visiting my "Run For Your Money" fundraising page!

On September 30th, I will be running my first marathon ever in my beloved Berlin. Surely a fair bit of suffering will be involved, but being able to do it, being healthy and having grown up in a stable family shows just how privileged I actually am.
Many children's future does not look that bright. We all remember watching "Christiane F - Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" (and if you haven't seen it, go rent it!). Unfortunately the film was not fiction then, and it still isn't fiction now, as I have seen myself. That is why I have chosen the "KiezKids" project by Teen Challenge Berlin e.V. ( which focuses on helping children of parents with an alcohol or other drug problem, giving them the love and attention they may not get at home and offering them a place to feel safe and be able to be simply children. At the same time the KiezKids project people try to improve the actual family situation long term. For more information please follow the link above or the one on the right below (sorry, German only...).

Donating at is easy and secure, with a choice to use a credit card or paypal (direct debit works only from German bank accounts).

I am happy with any donation amount! Thank you very much!

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G. Marynissen hat diese Spendenaktion am 06. September 2012 veröffentlicht.

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