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National Empowerment Project Fund Rasing

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Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria

Oluwasegun Jagbeti A.
Oluwasegun Jagbeti A. schrieb am 09.08.2012



The Association was established for Cottage Industrialists that specialize on Soap, Cosmetics, Textile Design (Adire), Agro-Allied, Paint Production, Beverages, Food & Cash Crop Storage and Printing Technology (screen printing), throughout the Nation, the Association has its members at all the grass-root for Economic development with the aims to move this continent from predominantly a Civil Service Economy to an Intermediate Industrial Economy and make this Country a trial-blazer in the area of Made in Nigeria Products.


Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria was incorporated by a Board of Trustee, highly experienced professionals who have, over the year, distinguished themselves as ardent believers in perfect service and excellent quality. Their vision was borne our of the desire to provide high quality service to user of such services, that is why we are members of the Franchise of US, & UK.



ACIN believes in improving on Nigeria Made Products through the use of the following Scheme:- Industrial Technology Development Training and Seminar, Establishment of Loan Scheme for all the Financial Members, ACIN International Concept Programme.


The vision of this Association is to preach and solicit for any support to improve and Promote Made in Nigeria Products, for home Consumption and Export.

To improve the capability of Members of Cottage Industries for the purpose of achieving sustainable Development and profitable production without threat to lives and properties with efficiency.  



1.       The Association has created a socio-industrial economic system that will promote Nigeria Made Products with aims of improving the Economy.

2.       To modernise Cottage Industries and transform the rural lives

3.       To serve as innovator and pace setter in production practices.

4.       To Curb the Economic Monopolies in our society.

5.       To serve as training ground for democracy and development.

6.       To improve the competitive position of small-scale producers.

7.       To build an Industrial Market in each Area and organise an International Marketing Plan as outlet for members.

8.       To assist in Exportation of members products in between the ECOWAS and rest of African Countries through the Association International Concept Programme.

9.       To corporate with Federal, State and Local Government in all areas in generating revenue to the Government and the Association.

10.     To look into the challenges that are associated with the Members industries and product also proffer solutions.

11.     To enable the members work towards the progress of the Association.



ACIN boasts of highly skilled, experienced and courteous staffs who over the years have carved a niche for themselves as being highly responsive and committed to customers’ needs.

Our staffs are fully prepared to ensure high quality customer delivery services.


At your service as a Board of  Trustees who have excelled in their previous endeavors:



A veteran Laboratory Analyst and Researchers. He  holds a  National Diploma in Science Laboratory Tech and a BSc from the Federal University of Technology Minna. He worked with Association Of Cottage Industrialists Of Nigeria, Abuja. Has over 8years experience of  Industrial technology, a Lab Analyst. He rose to the top position and was Head, as the National Executive Secretary till date among others, He contested for the post of Federal house of representative in oyo state at Ido – Ibarapa East Constituency in 2011 Election, and he voluntarily establish on his own as a manufacture and he is a members of the Franchise of US & UK.



A PHD Holder in Computer Science, BA in Accountancy, former Investigation Officer Lagos State Ministry of Communication. Primate of the Holy Michael Church of Christ Oke-Ira, Proprietor Jolaosho Nursery & Primary School, Agege.  






The Association is intending to train 160,000 participants nationawide in various fields of endeavours. The courses are grouped into 1 & 2.


COURSE I                                                                   COURSE II        

Soap                                                                               Juices

Cosmetics                                                                      Snail Rearing

Adire                                                                              Fish Farming

House Paints                                                                  Beverages

Qual                                                                               Moringa Tree


In which after the training each participants will become an automatic member of the Association with the Amount of N9,000 only. As a member of the Association, the members will be privileged  to be given a Loan of N200,000 (Chemical worth of N100,000 only and a cash of N100,000 to expand their projects). Other opportunity to benefit as a member of the association, which include distribution from the Association of Cottage Industrialist of Nigeria (ACIN) Independent marketer’s programme.

The availability of chemicals/machine for sale at all locality of operation by ACIN to members. All members will be given professional assistant at the commencement of their production at the first, second and third stage. The Trade Mark and NAFDAC number of the Association will be used by members for joint exportation of their product to other African countries.  



A.      Directorate of Industrial Research and Development (DIRD).

This Directorate takes care of Rehabilitation, Research, Development and Representation, it’s the Apex body of this Association, they are in charge of the Associations investments i.e. School, Hospital, (SRB), (SIB), (SISL) also responsible for the day to day activities of the Association by giving and receiving Loan for the development of the Association and organize International and National Conference, Seminars, Workshop, on the Aim’s and Objective of the Association.

B.      Directorate of Chemical, Machine and Training Development. (DCMTD)

This Directorate take the responsibility of Industrial Research, Training, Standardisation of Members’ Products through the Laboratory, Seakat Scientific Advisory Council. (SSAC) and takes care of Selling of Chemicals, Accessories, Machine for members.

C.      Directorate of Counseling and Social Welfare (DCSW).

This Directorate takes care of Members welfare and organise programme for the less privilege .e.g. the Disables, Motherless, Orphans, Prison Inmates and the Fund raising Projects of the Association (ACIN Development Partners Campaign).

D.      Directorate of Building and Construction Development (DBCD).

This Directorate takes care of Building Projects of the Association. (Industrial Trade Centre). by building with Local Materials for the benefit of members e.g. Building of Industrial Market Complex in each State as outlet for Members and act as the Coordinator of the Trade Centre Fund Raising Programme

 E.     Directorate Of Commerce and Industrial Development (DCID).

This Directorate takes care of organising Marketing Plan, ACI - International Distributorship Marketing Plan, Trade Fair in each State for Members (Locally Made Trade Fair) and represent the Association with the recognised Government Trade Agent

F.      Directorate Of Communication Documentation and Award (DCDA)

This Directorate takes care of Publishing and Printing of the Association Stationery and Magazines, and in charge of documentation. Also record the Association events with video camera, photography, and selling of the Training VCD, its serves as the Award Registry and Presentation Department of the Association.



a        To awaken and sensitize the Federal Government Administrators to the importance of empowering and Exploring Cottage Industries as a spring Board for Economic Development

b.       To identify and highlight the challenges of Cottage Industries empowering with a view of proffering solutions.

c.       To critically x-ray issues of Economic Development at the grass root with Cottage Industries as the focal point and emphasis on problems, Structures, Factors, and Case studies of other Development Countries Economy.

d.       To provide a platform for interactive session between Professionals, Administrators, politicians, Bankers, Technocrats and map out strategies on placing Cottage Industries at the cock pit of the Economic Development of the country.

e.       To strengthen the political will power of the Federal & State Government to adopt an implement this important Economic Development Strategy Programme.

f.       To build an Industrial Trade Centre in each State and show case the ACIN Franchises show and Industrial Trade shows outlet for members.

g.       The Association has created a Socio-industrial economic system that will promote locally made products with aims to improve the economy

h.       To modernize Cottage industries and transform the rural lives

i.        To serve as innovators and Pace setter in production practices

j.        To curb the economic monopolies in our society.

k.       To assist members with loan of low rate interest with the support from affliated Banks

l.        To reduce unemployment in our society’s with this programme