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Dringend!!! Hilfe für die Tiere in Mombasa

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please help

S. Birkle
S. Birkle schrieb am 21.08.2012

As you can see, I'm actually involved with helping children in Kenya.


However, I also would like to support an animal welfare project in Mombasa which I have visited in April this year. This only shelter at in the South of Kenya is about to close of money reasons.

The expenditure for the work are twice as high as the revenue. Therefore I ask you to donate a little money. I know the animal shelter, and I know how much work there is done for little money!


Not only the shelter is facing the closing. The other important animal welfare responsibilities would also come to an end, such as (I copied this out of the KSPCA homepage)

Teaching Animal Welfare Education in schools

Re-home animals

Supervise the humane slaughter of animals in slaughter houses

Rabies-, spay and save campaigns

Neutering dogs and cats

Treating of animals, which come under our care.

Confiscate animals and prosecute people who mistreat animals

supervise the loading of ships (camels, cows)


With our and your support this work will continue.