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all come from us to change

David O.
David O. schrieb am 25.10.2012



As a result of poverty in –Rusinga there have been cases of school drop out, high risk of HIV AIDS and low education standard.  The inhabitant in the region has been cutting down trees to burn charcoal for fuel and to earn a living.  This has also led to high soil erosion and deforestation and environmental degradation.

Hope link intends to look for support on health and education programme dealing with care and psychological care to orphans and vulnerable children.

The management team through the project coordinator is looking for willing partners and collaborators who may help in this course.

Our objective

Is to provide learners with modern facilities and equip them and retain them in school.

To give children from disadvantage background an opportunity to explore their skills and potential to help them be resilient members of the society.

To provide nutritional support to the less fortunate to enable them be retained in school.

To establishment of community resource centre to capacity built young parent to develop their skills to eradicate poverty.



The school children need supportive environment on moral, social and economic support to enable them continues with their education.  Due to this we request for support to enable us, retain the children from disadvantage background in school. The recent survey conducted by our project volunteer from Germany, show a very sarcastic image on the child development whereas majority of the families could not support three meals a day.  We also intend to provide and equip learners with modern facilities that will provide conducive environment for learning.

At the moment the community around also suffer mostly due to food crisis, high cost of living that is experienced.  Beside other problems of abject poverty, HIV AIDS, child abuse, discrimination that has caused additional trauma and cases of domestic stiff is reported.

The learner requires uniforms.  Modern learning facilities, school fee to those who excel from Primary to Secondary and are unable to meet their fees.  It has been identified that most of the families could not provide proper care to the adolescent by provisional of health education and sanitary towels.  This has exposed to the girls to be lured by young fishermen in the beach.  We therefore intend to provide sanitary towels to the adolescent girls.

Hope link development education and health  Initiative programme will educate young pupils on environmental  and HIV/AIDS Programme and the community around will be motivated to the end the community will be the role model .


Rusinga region is known to be a fishing community.  It has relatively high incident of new HIV/AIDS infections.  Due to cross cutting cultural, social and economic issues.  Recent survey indicates new infection of 13% amongst the youths.

Our adolescent pupils are not left out, since they are lured by young fishermen, as a result of poverty and lack of parental care.

Rusinga Island is one of gazzeted semi arid region in Kenya receiving erotic and unpredictable rainfall.  We believe this can change, by enhancing education on health and basic education



-By working together as friend and family we believe that we can we empower the entire society.

-Community involvement which is our key issues and one of our achievements by organizing forum and community action plans.

-Call for friend’s contribution on health programme and education.

Develop policies and coordinate community to adopt new ideas and skills.


I the coordinator hereby appeal to any willing friends that don’t hesitate, this the right time feel free to make enquiries to support in terms of, any contribution cash or in kind or donation of equipment, materials are very important to us. Please if you know a friend who you may involve please kindly do so to help join hand to make a change to our world. “Change to an individual can change the whole world” we can do it.