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Mr.Sanjeeb S.
Mr.Sanjeeb S. schrieb am 28.03.2014
Dear friends!
Greetings to you all in His name!
I am very sorry I have not written you for some time as I was going through sickness, I had first heart attacked so I was on rest, now by the grace of God and all of your prayer have healed me and also in the meantime  while my believer friends have taken care off the ministries too. I am very much thankful to all as well to God.
Once again I would like to draw your attention for my indigenous work which God has entrusted to us we need to take care of it and without all of your help which it would not be possible to make it blessing for many. 
Now I would request if you would make any kind of help as quick as possible to my society which it would be blessing for food for hunger, sick to provide treatment, shelter for poor, clothing to who has no clothes, education to children.
In the end I  know betterplace.org has the right way to bring joy to many needy area of life which we trust through Him. I am wait to hear from you soon.
Lastly with lots of prayer and regards.
Sanjeeb Sahu, Director BIRDS