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Eine Spendenaktion von E. Wild

Will Adams Triathalon for Amar Jyoti School


Worum es geht

Will is doing a Triathalon on June 16th at Rutland water to raise money for Amar Jyoti School in India, which gives free Education and support to children from the slums of the area.

It is such a worthwhile cause! Please give anything you can as every penny counts and you will be making a real difference. Your donation is not tax deductible and the School will receive 100% of your donation. Donations are taken in Euro's but please do not let that put you off!!! For every €1 you donate you will be charged approximately £0.85 (or whatever the going rate is that day) from your account. For example, for a €10 donation today £8.49 was deducted from my bank account. Don't forget to add who it's from in your message (if you want to).

Amar Jyoti School is a charitable school in Lal Tappar, located about 25 km from Rishikesh/North India. It was founded in 2002 by Rashmi Kant and his family who decided to spend their savings and the piece of land on which they lived, to build a school. The School started with just 4 children without a roof over their heads. Currently, 75 children aged 3 to 15 years go to Amar Jyoti School.

Rashmi Kant and his family, together with volunteers and the help of people like YOU, offer everything they can: an education, books, notebooks, pens, food, milk, new clothes and a safe place where they can learn, laugh, play and develop. At the end of every year the children are supported to pass the state exam. The students' marks are usually above the standards compared to government schools. The children are very poor and underprivileged and without the support of this project, the parents would have no choice other than to send the children off to work or even beg on the streets. The School really does change lives and helps children to break out of the cycle of poverty and have a brighter future.

Rashmi Kant himself says: "It was a hard journey I had done so far, but I never look behind. My soul and my inspiration give me the power to work for the children to remove the darkness of their lives. I'm very thankful to everybody who is helping me to achieve this target."

Thank you so much for your support and generosity.

Please visit the website for further information and photos and videos of the school:


Contact info for the school:

Amar Jyoti School
Lal Tappar Sai Mandir Hardwar Road PO Resham
Rishikesh, India 248140

+91 9897108335 /

E. Wild

E. Wild hat diese Spendenaktion am 04. Mai 2012 veröffentlicht.

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