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Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart

Denis D.
Denis D. schrieb am 10.09.2013

Thank you for your donations!

Please also support our current fundraiser Seeds of Kindness 3.

Two Projects Funded

If you’ve already donated to Seeds of Kindness 3, then you’ll need a lot of cocktails, coffee, and Kleenex now, because it’s party time!

Your donations will enable Another Hope to complete the orphanage building, and erect a sizable guest house right next to it. Over fifty children will be able to live in the new orphanage, and the small business next door will endow the nonprofit with a greater degree of financial security, so they can more easily pay the various running expenses for the children.

Now all donations go to the extension of the Green Village. You will remember the project from the first Seeds of Kindness fundraiser. Green Life has since built several houses on the property for living, sleeping, educational activities, and the small-scale agriculture projects they started together with the children in their care. They’ve also been accepting new children in, a gradual process as they have to first win their trust. To provide housing, food, clothing, medical care, education to even more children, they want to extend their agricultural program, and also establish their own water and electricity supply.


A little over €20,000 are still needed to reach this goal. Only a matter of days, right?

(By the way, if you missed or lost the download link and you used the “advanced donating” option, just return to the abovelinked page and enter your email address to regain the link.)