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Check Out Seeds of Kindness 2

Denis D.
Denis D. schrieb am 09.10.2012

A Secure Home for Children in Uganda: €2,868.00

Thank you to all you generous donors for the first Seeds of Kindness fundraiser!

We’re now forwarding this batch of donations to the orphanage in Uganda where it will help fund the roof structure for the chicken farm building.

The second Seeds of Kindness fundraiser, however, is already well underway! The beneficiary is still the Ugandan orphanage. Moreover, we have a long list of valuable prizes and a brand new exclusive charity album, Failthful and Strong, sporting 36 beautiful songs.


The new fundraiser has just succeeded in funding the remainder of the funds required to build the roof—the third of the seven stages of the project.

Please help them realize the remaining four stages as well: Every bit counts!