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Tue runs 2 marathons in 2 days!

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Challenges for The Tueathon 2012!

T. Rasmussen
T. Rasmussen schrieb am 29.04.2012

Whoop Whoop!

Oki Doki, i think i should probably do something more active to get this puppy going, so i'm now opening up for people to challenge me to do different tasks in change for donations.

I've listed a couple of things i will do if the amount of donations reaches a certain amount, but you're more than welcome to make suggestions as well, as long as it's physically possible for me and not offensive to other people, nor disturbing to other runners.

ATTENTION: I've asked the people who arrange the race, and it is sadly not possible for me to jump into the water and swim the last 200meters, so this challenge is sadly no longer available, but you're very welcome to make up new challenges that i can do.

Do 42.195 High Fives during the race: 50 euro 

Run backwards one kilometer: 70 euro

Do a Cartwhell at the finish line : 100 euro

Breakdance! (ish) : 106 euro exactly - Thank you so much überClement!

Jump on one leg the last 50 meters before the finishline: 130 Euro

Go Gump while running (Wear the Gump Costume from the picture): 150 Euro

Jump up and click my heels together at every Kilometer sign : 200 euro

Go Full Gump (Running in Forrest Gump Costume including long hair and beard) : 1000Euro


(They say that you should never go Full Gump, which is the reason why i've set this challenge so high. Also because it's insanely hot with such a costume, so i really don't wanna do this, unless of course the challenge is given, then i will gladly accept and train accordingly)


That's it for me right now, i'll add some more challenges when i think of them, and yet again, you're welcome to add to the list if inspiration strikes you.

And remember that the donations can come from a group as well as one person, i would never expect only one person to donate this much money to see me Gump around.