Always up-to-date - your news are now even more appealing

Yvonne Scheurer

nedaAt we rely on transparency and accountability! This does not only mean that projects ask for financial support for particular needs but also that the project manager should be accountable for the allocation of the received donations.

**⌲ ** What has been achieved thanks to the donated money? What differences have been made? What problems need to be tackled? Are there any further news?

Information regarding those questions should be communicated continuously to the donor by the project manager. This is why every project has its own news section where current information can be shared and followed. This area has been revised recently to add new features. Project managers can now design more attractive news entries that include photos, videos or buttons.

Moreover, project managers now have the option to send important news as a newsletter to all donors. This important deature is meant to help them maintain a closer relationship to their supporters. Through this channel project managers can thank donors for their support, involve them in the progress of the project through continuous updates and ask them for further support and participation. It is important to note that there won’t be any automatic emails informing donors about recent news entries anymore.

Writing an appealing newsletter is not difficult. Project managers will find useful advise regarding the best ways to communicate with donors here:

write an exciting news entry
publish your news on your project page
send a newsletter to your donors