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How do I send a newsletter?

In order to develop a continuous relationship with your donors, you have the possibility to send them your published project news as newsletter (please note that you can only send each post once).

This feature allows you to also reach those supporters that donated anonymously. Use this channel to involve them in the progress of your project. Be selective and send your donors news that are important and interesting. To send one of your posts as a newsletter just visit the administration section on your project page and choose the link “News“. There you can choose which entry you want to send as a newsletter ( “Send as newsletter“ ). Please note that the delivery might take some time.


After you have decided to send your news as a newsletter, you will see the key figures in detail: who will be named as sender as well as the total amount of donors and subscribers. You need help writing a good newsletter?

In case you want to edit your newsletter, please click on “ edit your news before sending it as newsletter “. As soon as you are happy with the result, just click on “ Send newsletter “ to confirm.


Please note: Newsletters that are written in English will only be sent to those donors who use in English. If you also have supporters from Germany, you should also write a German news entry.