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In memory of Gert

Stephan Peters

Last year Gert decided to run his first marathon ever in Berlin. Running those 42 kilometres was a big task for him, but he decided that his run should be for a greater cause so he turned his run into a fundraiser for a charity project that was important to him. Following the motto “Run for your money” he chose to dedicate his marathon to “KiezKids”, a project which supports children of parents with drug problems, gives those children the love and attention that may be missing at home and offers them a place to just be kids.

Gert managed to raise attention for this great cause amongst his friends and family. In the end 44 people supported him and donated to his fundraising event. A total of 1022 Euros were donated to “KiezKids” for educational care and free time activities - a big contribution to these children in need. And one that made Gert not only very happy, but also kept his motivation during those 42km through the streets of Berlin.

This year Gert planned to run the Berlin marathon once again but a few weeks ago, he passed away suddenly while training for the race. This leaves all of his family and friends in deep sorrow. Many of them have donated once again in his memory, taking up the baton to collect the money he would have tried to raise. If you would like to donate in his memory and help the children of “KiezKids” please visit: