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Feldenkrais Community Forum

A project from Förderverein f Feldenkrais u som. Lernen eV, FC
in München, Germany

A place for exchange and collaboration among Feldenkrais practitioners worldwide, free from commercial and political agendas, for learning, growing and sharing together as an international community.

Uwe Jaschke
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About this project

The Feldenkrais.Community is a community project, supported by donations and volunteer work. 
Under the label of the Feldenkrais.Community we provide an online platform for international exchange and collaboration of Feldenkrais teachers, free of commercial and political intentions, for learning, growing and sharing together. 
Creating and running a platform for many hundreds of participants needs financial support. 
Hosting, domains and technical support generate costs. 
With European data protection and the operation of the servers in Europe, we guarantee the security of personal data. 
Commercialization of the project through paid advertising and use of the data is excluded through affiliation with the Förderverein für Feldenkrais und somatisches Lernen e.V.

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