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Allocation of a multifunctional vehicle

A project from Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.
in Nürtingen, Germany

For the Malteser in the Neckar-Alb district, we would like to buy a Sprinter wheelchair bus as a multifunctional vehicle. This will then be used in various social services as well as in disaster control.

Anselm Scheifler
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About this project

For the Malteser in the Neckar-Alb district, we would like to buy a Sprinter wheelchair bus as a multifunctional vehicle. The districts of Esslingen, Reutlingen, Tübingen and Zollernalb belong to this district. We could use a wheelchair bus in very different ways. On the one hand in the area of ​​social services: Here, especially with our Herzenswunsch ambulance project, we found that we often transport people in electric wheelchairs and an ambulance is not an option here. So far we have borrowed a van from the Malteser Fahrdienst in Stuttgart for this purpose. So far, we do not have our own vehicle in this direction. We Malteser in the Neckar-Alb district launched the Herzenswunsch project in 2019. Here we mainly bring seriously ill people to places where they can no longer go on their own. You can say goodbye, enjoy again or simply feel like before. They are accompanied by Maltese who work as paramedics or emergency paramedics with us and they are driven by Maltese who, as experienced drivers, have the appropriate driving license classes. They are volunteering for the Herzenswunsch project. They make their free time available to fulfill the last desires of their hearts. A wheelchair bus would also be of great benefit to us when it comes to visiting and accompanying services. Because here, too, there are people to be accompanied in electric wheelchairs. Furthermore, the area of ​​the driving service could be set up as a separate social service. Such as a delivery and holding service for children and young people to kindergarten and school as well as trips to the doctor for people of all ages with limited mobility. This is not yet available in the Maltese district of Neckar-Alb due to the lack of a suitable vehicle. We could also use the bus as part of our Maltese senior citizens 'meeting to drive people to and from it, i.e. as a kind of citizens' bus. It could also be used as an excursion bus for the elderly, whom we look after. In addition, rows of seats can also be built into a Sprinter wheelchair bus so that it can also be used as a team car for the rescue service and disaster control. Especially for evacuating both mobile and no longer mobile people in emergencies and disasters

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