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Listening to Children`s Voice of Porto Novo (Santo Antao – Cape Verde)

A project from Associacao Voz Da Crianca Do Porto Novo
in Porto Novo, Cape Verde

Our social project grants to 24 homeless children a new home, regular meals, a clean accommodation, family-like warmth, security and hope for a better future. Please stay at our side and help us to giving them new perspectives.

Rolf Rampf
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About this project

The project

“Casa da Crianca” means “Children’s Home” in Portuguese language. After a seven years construction period, many efforts to guarantee the financial support and thanks to the help of many volunteers and the empathy of a Swiss Family, the “Children’s Home” has been delivered to 24 homeless and abandoned children of the town of Porto Novo- Cape Verde. Our little citizen now enjoy the warmth of their new home, a clean and secure accommodation, regular meals and the hope of a dignified existence.

We are just a handful of people coming from different countries in Europe, who have contributed for many years to build up tourism infrastructure in Cape Verde. 

During more than two decades we have experienced the worries and hardships of the population, who’s destiny is characterized by emigration, suffering, renunciation, torn families and poorness.

For the operation of the “Children’s Home” we need the support and help of those, who have a good heart for the most vulnerable and weakest of our society. 

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR PROJECT and listen to the voice of the children in need of Porto Novo. Muito obrigado

What we need

Our daily necessity of food

For the operation of Children`s Home and the care of the children, supplying them with food, clothing, shoes, school materials, medical assistance and much more, we need a contribution for covering our ongoing expenses. Thank you for supporting us. 

For cost related reasons we decided to import food and daily supplies directly from Italy and Portugal twice a year. This operation requires substantial delivery costs, custom and importation fees. Please help us bearing these costs. 

Expenses for qualified professionals

Some of our assisted children that we picked up on the street or have become orphans at an early age are suffering of traumatic stress disorders. They need to be assisted by qualified psychologists and therapists. In order to face these expenses, we kindly ask you to help us.