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Renovation and expansion of the orphanage for elephant calves in Tanzania

A project from Kilimanjaro Animal CREW
in Machame, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education and Wildlife is an NGO in Tanzania committed to nature and species conservation as well as environmental education. In the orphanage rescued elephant calves are prepared for reintroduction to the wild.

Dr. Susann Mörl
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About this project

Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education and Wildlife (Kili C.R.E.W.) is a Tanzanian NGO, situated at Makoa Farm and has supported wildlife rescue and education since 2015. The vets of Kili C.R.E.W. either take in orphaned or injured animals to treat them at the clinic or they help and treat wildlife in the bush, if movement is not possible. The center is the only rescue station in the country and is supported by the government authorities. It also accommodates the only elephant orphanage in Tanzania.
Rescue and rehabilitation of elephant orphans is one of the main tasks of the center. Due to increasing human-wildlife conflict more and more calves need help after losing  their mothers and herds. On their own they stand no chance of survival in the wild. Kili C.R.E.W. comes to the rescue and offers these orphans a second chance of thriving within a herd. Raising them can take up to 12 years as they are only released once they decide themselves that they are ready to go.
Currently Kili C.R.E.W. cares for five elephant orphans, who are between 6 and 30 months old. The most recent rescue, Kiteto, joined the group at the beginning of 2021. Elephant calves, once thriving, grow and gain strength quickly. The existing stables are not strong enough anymore for the “teenagers”. They keep testing their strength on walls, fences and other structures. Building new housing will be possible in 2022 at the earliest, with some grants from international sources. With these grants we hope to be able to build a bigger “boma” in the bushland of the farm, where the existing elephant herd can move to for the next stage of their  pre-release phase.
Until then it is very necessary to renovate the existing stable, as well as stabilising and expanding it. To buy building materials, we need your help! Poles, crossbars, steel, and roofing material are urgently needed.
Every little helps! We are grateful for any support. Donations will not only be of use short term. Even, if we can plan a new home for the existing herd, the old housing will be used in future for new rescues. This intensive care unit is close enough to the clinic to ensure optimal veterinary intervention. Until the new arrivals are strong enough to join our herd, they will stay in this area for rehabilitation.
We appreciate your support, not only for us, but especially the elephant calves, and are grateful for every donation.