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Sustainable Infrastructure Development for the Mbunza Living Museum

A project from Living Culture Namibia e.V.
in Samsitu, Namibia

The infrastructure project will provide the Mbunza community with clean drinking water (step 1) and create a sustainable source of income in the form of a small campsite for visitors to the Living Museum (step 2).

Sebastian Dürrschmidt
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About this project

The project "Sustainable Infrastructure Development for the Mbunza Living Museum" supports the Mbunza in northern Namibia. The project is organized in two steps and will help to support the Mbunza Community of the Living Museum with drinking water and a sustainable source of income.

Step 1: Water supply for the Mbunza Living Museum
Step 2: Setting up a small campsite for visitors to the living museum and other tourists in northern Namibia

Objectives of the project

The infrastructure project has two main goals. Firstly, we strive to provide the people working in the Living Museum with clean drinking water. Second, with the construction of the campsite, a sustainable source of income will be created in addition to the living museum, which will give the Mbunza the opportunity to earn a secure income and to fight against the poverty that prevails in this community.

1. Water supply to the Mbunza Living Museum

As a first step, the focus will be on supplying the Mbunza Living Museum with drinking water. The water supply has been a problem there for years and a regulated supply of clean drinking water is project goal number 1.

A solar pump will be installed in the fenced and secure Samsitu Campsite near the Living Museum, which will use two solar panels to pump water through a water pipe into a 2500 m³ tank at the Mbunza Living Museum. This tank will then on the one hand provide drinking water for the Mbunza and on the other hand ensure the water for showers and toilets for the future campsite (step number 2). The overflow of the pumped water will low directly into Samsitu Lake at the Mbunza Museum, which has often been drying up recently.

These are the investments included in the project:

• Solar pump and pump assembly
• 2 solar panels
• 1.1 km of water pipes, connections and taps
• 2500 liter tank with a stand at a height of 2 meters

The Mbunza from the Living Museum will do all the preparatory work themselves.