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Mobile Clinic

A project from Mudiro - every life counts
in Andara, Namibia

With the Mobile Clinic, Mudiro wants to support and strengthen basic medical care in the remote communities of Northern Namibia where 200'000 citizens live off the track.

Barbara Müller
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About this project

The conditions in the north of Namibia are comparable to those in central African countries. The Ministry of Health does not reach many villages near the borders because of the impassable terrain. Mudiro experienced the need for a “Mobile Clinic” first hand and agreed with the government. We are therefore requesting partial funding from a Mobile Clinic suitable for 4x4 drive in order to offer gynecological and general medical services where people die unnecessarily because they live so remote. The total investment for the “Mobile Clinic” is calculated at CHF 190,000. It will remain in the possession of Mudiro to ensure maintenance and operating costs. The “Mobile Clinic” was carefully designed on the basis of coordinated requirements. This concept was created in close cooperation with Swiss doctors, members of the Namibian Ministry of Health and experienced project managers. Mudiro has been working in the north of Namibia since 2014 and works hand in hand with the Ministry of Health under a 10-year contract. We are applying for partial financing of CHF 45,000. Further applications for partial financing are being examined by other foundations. We kindly ask for a benevolent examination on your part.