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Assistenzhunde Deutschland e. V. - A loyal helper

A project from Assistenzhunde Deutschland e. V.
in Wunstorf, Germany

We make the collected donations available to other people with limited mobility to finance an assistance dog, because in Germany there is unfortunately no cost bearer for it. With us every single Euro helps and counts.

Nicole B.
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About this project

About us and our association:
Assistance dogs help people with limited mobility to master their everyday lives in a variety of ways. The four-legged helpers take on the following tasks:

  • fetching the telephone
  • bring walking aids
  • opening doors
  • fetching help
  • picking up fallen objects from the floor (fetching)
  •  Bringing a bottle of water
  •  Clean out the washing machine
  •  help with undressing (e.g. jacket, shoes, stockings, cap)
..and of course a lot more!

Here is a small photo gallery:

Assistance dogs help their humans to socialise more easily and to be better integrated into society, because dogs build bridges!

For this purpose, the dogs (Golden and Labrador Retrievers) have received 2 years of high-quality training in France, which prepares them for this work.

With a lot of love, time and even more patience, the little ball of fur is allowed to become an assistance dog in peace. Here more about the selection of puppies:

And here about the training:

We use the donations we collect to finance an assistance dog, because unfortunately there is no funding for this in Germany.

Here are our applicants:

YOUR donation enables us to finance a four-legged friend and helper! We volunteer with a lot of passion and heart and soul!

We visit schools, kindergartens, company celebrations/anniversaries, birthday parties, shopping centres, etc. and show what assistance dogs can do.