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Urgent Relief for Afghanistan

A project from Visions for Children e.V
in Kabul, Afghanistan

The last few days in Afghanistan have been like a game of dominoes, with one city falling after another to the Taliban regime. Millions of Afghans are forced to live in fear and danger or are fleeing their homes. It is our responsibility to act now!

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About this project

Who I am?  
My name is Hila and I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the age of three, my family fled to Hamburg Germany. Had I not come to Germany, my education would have been abruptly ended only 4 years after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and forbid school education for girls. I would have grown up in a warzone and my family could have been one of the many IDPs – an acronym used for “internally displaced persons” – searching refuge in their own country.  
The time is running 
Now, when the US troops started withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Taliban have been advancing even more and they have been taken control of every major city, most recently of Kabul, the capital. This resulted in:  

  • In recent days and weeks alone, hundreds of thousands have become internally displaced - in addition to the more than 3 million people who have already sought refuge in their own countries (according to UNHCR). 
  • Over 18 million Afghans are in urgent need of help just in this moment (according to  
  • 70% of the displaced are women and children (according to the Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations). 
  • The Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations confirmed that reports had been received of the Taliban killing civilian men, raping women and forcing women and girls into marriage.  
  • COVID-19 and a drought are worsening peoples suffering. 
It is our responsibility to act and support those people the best we can! 
One of my greatest blessings is being able to support the country where I was born. And to do so in an impactful and sustainable way as one of the heads at Visions for Children, a non-governmental organization from Germany which is active in development cooperation in Afghanistan. 
It is a difficult time but we decided to continue our work and not withdraw from Afghanistan. We will stay a reliable partner for our people and keep on doing our projects according to our values. We will continue to provide urgent relief to IDPs and we will continue to support our school projects in Kabul, Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif. As for now, we are working on three school building projects there – their funding stays crucial. And local refugees are lacking all necessities. Our colleagues in Afghanistan will ensure that donations are directed where they are needed most, regarding the volatile and dynamic situation.  
This is a crucial time in our history and a moment where solidarity is needed the most. Every action counts. So please share this project, so we can together help as many of the families in need as possible.  
Thank you,