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A healthy & diverse learning environment for our students in Burkina Faso!

A project from Förderverein Freunde von Burkina Faso e.V.
in Pô, Burkina Faso

The basic 1st aid equipment as well as the equipment with sports articles and musical instruments is only rudimentary or not available at most schools. We would like to purchase the appropriate basic equipment for our school.

W. Gerwat
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About this project

Our school lacks basic equipment in many areas. What we take for granted here in Germany, for example footballs for sports lessons, flutes, string instruments, etc. for music lessons and first aid kits for first aid measures, are in short supply there in Burkina Faso and if at all, then only rudimentary existent.  

Therefore we want to start with this and acquire a basic equipment. 1st aid articles like bandage material, plaster, disinfectant etc. is to be bought. Furthermore, a 1st aid course should be made possible for the teachers.  
For the sports equipment, footballs, basketballs, goals, baskets, etc. are to be purchased. 
For the music lessons a few typical musical instruments are to be procured, e.g. string instruments, drums, flutes etc.. 
In Burkina Faso the literacy rate is below 40% because the state is not able to provide enough schools. Through our private initiative in 2008, the elementary school CSSB was founded in the city of Pô / Nahouri. The running operation is financed by the school fees. To support all other needs, the association "Friends of Burkina Faso e.V." was founded in 2012. Currently there are six (6) school classes with about two hundred (200) children, six (6) teachers and one (1) trainee. The elementary school in Burkina Faso includes grades 1 to 6. 
More than 40% of Burkina Faso's population lives below the absolute poverty line. The country ranks 182nd out of 189 countries assessed in the United Nations Human Development Index (source: UN HDI, 2020). Since 2015, the country has been fighting the impact of increasing terrorist activities. 
More information about the association you can find at the following web address: 

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