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KIDS Hamburg e. V. - Participation opportunities for young women with Down

A project from KIDS Hamburg e. V.
in Hamburg, Germany

Young women with Down syndrome on their way to independence

Babette Radke
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About this project

Women with a disability are about 3 times more likely to be victims of abuse and sexual violence than women without a disability.

Risk factors are particular life structures and the way society deals with disability.
There is an urgent need for suitable prevention offers tailored to young women with Down syndrome.

KIDS Hamburg e. V. offers young women with Down syndrome support on their way to independence. 

For the young women, who have already dealt intensively with relevant topics in prevention projects during their teenage years, new developmental steps are now on the horizon. They are looking for a professional activity that fits their personal interests and skills.  Perhaps they have already taken the step of moving into your own flat or a residential group.
Organising leisure time, hobbies and sports activities is a challenging organisational task for many participants. Establishing and maintaining contacts with friends is problematic. Dealing with money can become a permanent challenge. Contacts with partners become more intensive. Practical problems have to be overcome. Questions about personal future and family planning play a big role and have to be asked and answered. 

For all these questions, the women's groups of KIDS Hamburg e.V. offer a protected space to exchange ideas with familiar peers and to work out solutions together.

The young women name their personal questions and wishes as "experts in their own business" and explore possibilities to develop their development potentials and to anchor them in everyday life together.
Careful and sensitive guidance of this process by experienced educators who provide the framework for the groups and who can intervene in a supportive way if necessary is a prerequisite for success.
For more than 20 years, KIDS Hamburg e. V. has stood for competence and information about Down's syndrome.
The various offers support people with Down's syndrome and their relatives.
The core of KIDS Hamburg e. V. is peer counselling and the "prevention groups against sexual abuse".

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