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youmocracy - democracy needs you

A project from youmocracy e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

"youmocracy - democracy needs you" is a Germany-wide, non-partisan discussion forum in which young people can exchange views and educate themselves on socio-political topics within the framework of Germany’s liberal-democratic rule of law.

Florentin Siegert
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About this project

By presenting content that is as diverse and non-partisan as possible on current socio-political issues on our Instagram channel, linked to our discussion compass, we want to create a framework for open and respectful discussion in the digital space and analog on site in regional discussion forums, e.g. at schools, universities or communities. In this way, we innovatively link analog and digital and allow the discussion to continue in our local discussion forums. These are founded and managed with our support by a network of young people. For this purpose, we train the respective forum leaders through a moderation training with theory and practice, an interactive workshop on the fundamentals of the free democratic basic order as well as a training on event organization and management to conduct larger discussion events in the areas of event organization, discussion leadership and the basic principles of the FDGO and equip them with materials.