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Like 45 million years ago: Pre-horses of the Eckfeld-Maar recreated!

A project from Maarmuseum Manderscheid e.V.
in Manderscheid, Germany

With the help of digital 3-D technology, an original horse model developed according to the latest scientific findings was created! These specifications were implemented in life like museum models! This models will be perfect for our exhibition!

M. Koziol
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About this project

After the long months of the "CORONA pandemic", the MaarMuseumManderscheid wants to get back on its feet with spectacular offers! 
Our highlight is the world-famous, fossil "primeval horse" (Propalaeotherium voigti) - a very early ancestor of today's horses - from the Eckfeld-Maar! It lived 45 million years ago in the Eifel in a tropical jungle! Unfortunately it drowned in the maar lake, was embedded in mud at the bottom of the lake and was converted into a fully preserved fossil. In 1991 we found and excavated the fossil. The original of the original horse has been hanging in our museum since 1999 and has delighted visitors! 
In 2020 we measured our original horse again and had a detailed 3-D model created from it on the computer. Together with the giant squirrel, the demi-monkey and the dragonfly, we have already created a unique, small 3-D animation film from it (start autumn 2021)! You can now perceive these fossils as they moved around the Maarsee in earlier times. 
Unfortunately, our 20-year-old pre-horse model no longer really fits! It is shown correctly, but only simply painted! Unfortunately our financial reserves have been used up in the last lockdowns! That is why we would like to use your donations to purchase these newly designed original horse models (mother + child) with fur and - markings!