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New Ambulance for the Regions Kyotera & Rakai/Uganda -Hope Health Ambulance

A project from Celebrate Hope Germany e.V.
in Ssanje, Uganda

We need financial support to repair or purchase a new ambulance for the Kyotera and Rakai region in southern Uganda, as the privately funded Hope Health ambulance was severely damaged in a serious accident.

Mike Keusemann
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About this project

Celebrate Hope Ministries' Hope Health rescue/ambulance van has been actively operating in the Kyotera & Rakai regions of southern Uganda since 2019. Many lives have already been saved thanks to this privately funded ambulance, transporting patients to a hospital and providing medical care while they are still on the road. This vehicle is the only one in the area with modern equipment such as ECG, oxygen supply and other medical equipment. Especially in times of Corona, the vehicle and its team were in constant use to save lives. Last week a dramatic accident occurred during an operation. Miraculously, none of the crew was seriously injured, but the ambulance was badly damaged. The extent of the damage is not yet clear, but we assume that it is a total economic loss. We need your financial support to make a repair or the purchase of a new ambulance possible. Help us to continue saving lives. Every minute counts and every Euro counts!