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gamescom forest

A project from Treemer gGmbH
in Pegnitz, Germany

Forests already damaged by climate change can be replanted with suitable tree species such as oak, linden, wild pear, service tree, sweet chestnut, hornbeam and some more. This protects against erosion and creates species-rich mixed forest.

Olaf Legeler
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About this project

The gamescom forest is the sustainability project of gamescom, which supports the preservation of a climate-stable and species-rich mixed forest through reforestation. Tree species such as hornbeam, oak, walnut and many others are to provide an initiation for more stable mixed forests in forests damaged by drought and storms. In this way, we set an example for the preservation and restoration of our native forests and for climate protection. Treemer provides the area for this and supports gamescom as an expert for reforestation and sustainable forestry.