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Adult Education: English Language Course Kihesa Mgagao - Tanzania

A project from TWENDE SHULENI e.V.
in Kihesa Mgagao, Tanzania

In order to make good use of the finished classrooms until the official approval of the school and to involve and promote the population of Kihesa Mgagao more, we would like to offer a 4-week basic English language course for adults.

Birgit Schönharting
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About this project

Currently our main focus stays on the completion of the first construction phase of the school in Kihesa Mgagao/Tanzania and thus on achieving the official requirements for the start of school. 
At the same time we also want to offer the local rural population something that can sustainably improve their situation and can motivate them to be interested in the plans we have. Many of the villagers, especially the women, have received only little education and therefore had a limited chance of learning English as a foreign language. This reduces opportunities for communication with international organizations/business partners and access to information sources and education beyond the Swahili language area.
With regard to our future plans (volunteering, visits by foreign guests and professional staff), we also see it as important and beneficial if more people in the village are equipped with basic English skills. With this, communication and effectiveness of our cooperation can increase. 
Together with our local focal point, we have developed a project proposal for a basic English language course for a group of 30 participants (if possible 15 male, 15 female) over a period of four weeks during vacation time from mid-August to mid-September 2021. The course will be free of charge (except for a symbolic registration fee of about 10 Euros / participant) in the already finished classrooms of the school. 

Interested adults from the village can register for this course. We would like to preferably consider female participants (min. 50%) as well as members of particularly disadvantaged groups.
After announcement and receipt of applications, two selected trained teachers will carry out the course on 5 days / week for 3 hours during morning and during afternoon. A detailed curriculum, the evaluation of the participants and a report will be prepared by them. Participants receive a certificate after successful participation of at least 80% of the hours offered.

Our current project follows our defined non-profit purposes "Education, General and Vocational Training" and in a broader sense "International Understanding", as we see language competence as an important point for our cooperation and support in connection with the school construction and other planned projects to promote development in Kihesa Mgagao.

Some part of our project is already financed, now we are still missing about 1000, - Euro: on the one hand for the payment and food for the teachers, on the other hand for teaching and learning material. Part of the material can be used beyond this course in the future school operation and can therefore be seen as a sustainable investment.