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Quality education for the children of the orphanage "Care Home" in Kenya

A project from Makungu e.V.
in Nakuru, Kenya

With your donation you enable the children of the orphanage "Care Home" the long-term access to quality education and thus to a better, self-determined future in which they can realize their dreams and goals.

Verena Schuhmacher
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About this project

Makungu is Swahili and means dawn. It is a symbol for a new beginning, hope and opportunities that can be seized anew every day.

Since 2017, we have been supporting the children of the orphanage "Care Home" in Kenya, who were abandoned to their fate from one day to the next by the original founder. With our work, we enable the nine orphans a safe home as well as long-term access to quality education. Our goal is to pave the way for a better, self-determined future in which they can realize their dreams and goals.

With the donation project we want to finance the further attendance of high-quality educational institutions and the associated costs. It is important to us to offer each child a unique solution so that individual strengths, talents and interests are encouraged and developed in the best possible way. For this reason, we make every effort to ensure that children are not only able to attend a good elementary school, but can also continue their education at secondary schools afterwards.

School attendance in Kenya is only possible if there is enough money available
Kenya has the 8-4-4 system: 8 years of primary, 4 years of secondary school and 4 years of university/college. Although elementary school has been free of charge since 2003, many families often cannot afford the additional costs for uniforms (which are compulsory), food and school supplies. To get into a secondary school, good grades are needed and fees start to accrue from then on. It is therefore still not a matter of course that children in Kenya receive a good education, or any education at all.

What exactly will my donation be used for?
The donations collected will not only finance the school fees, but also the costs of transportation, school supplies, school trips, uniforms and books of the nine children for another year. These costs vary depending on the child, as they not only attend different classes, but also different educational institutions (preschool, elementary school, high school).

Who is behind Makungu?
Makungu is a non-profit organization consisting of "Makungu e.V." based in Germany and the officially registered CBO (Community Based Organization) in Kenya "Makungu-Waweru". Founded by a group of young people, we at Makungu e.V. firmly believe that age, social class, educational attainment or wealth do not play a role in making the world a little better together.

For more information about Makungu, visit our website & our official Instagram account makungu.carehome