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Flood relief by the DLRG Bonn

A project from DLRG Bezirk Bonn e.V.
in Bonn, Germany

It is only through your support that we are able to continue to maintain our efficiency in water rescue and disaster control. Every euro helps.

Tobias Hentschel
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About this project

The DLRG District Bonn e.V. emergency forces and equipment were deployed in the disaster situations in Heimerzheim, Odendorf, Miel, Erftstadt, Rheinbach and in the Ahr Valley. Several hundred people were rescued from their emergency situations by our emergency forces. There is no public funding. The material used is financed entirely privately from donations and membership fees.

Please help us to maintain our operational capability for the future.

We need donations to purchase and maintain vehicles, boats, medical equipment, radio equipment and protective gear. We also need to provide quality training for our future emergency responders so that they can help others in need while being protected themselves.

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