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An aid project by “Wilsen Initiative” (W. Masaka) in Nairobi, Kenya

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W. Masaka (Project Manager)

W. Masaka
Wilsen Initiative

Mission Statement:

Wilsen initiative envisages narrowing ‘Me and the World’ gap in youth, whereby helping youths realize their full potential in achieving their desired goals and dreams in life through simple steps. We foster youth empowerment through peer to peer learning and networking with other youth groups.
Missing gaps or problem to be addressed;
In spite of their youthful energy and desire to succeed, young people in the slums remain marginalized, unemployed and lack the voice in the decisions that affect them every day. We believe that if youth are given space to showcase their talents, skills, ideas, and projects, they will be empowered as agents for social change and creativity.

Target group:

Wilsen initiative works with youth from the informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya who are vulnerable to social, economical and political challenges. We work with both boys and girls from ages 16yrs – 30yrs whereby empowering them with education from ICT skills, creative skills, life skills, reproductive health, sports facilitation, simple book keeping etc. We organize youth exchange programs with likeminded youth organizations.


Our vision is to empower the youths to be critical thinkers and positive change makers in our society through networking, sports, education and skills transfer from one generation to the other.


Everybody is a winner; we have something unique that we can do. We believe in sharing, creating, educating, and inspiring champions in our society.

Our slogan: the champion in you…

We strongly believe as youths we are the backbone of our country and the economy at large. We got all the potentials to make our communities safer, peaceful, educative, and resourceful whereby defining our destinies to succeed.
We foster positive change makers and we believe that every one of us has got something unique they can do better than others, that is why everyone is a champion and we believe in working in T.E.A.M’s (Together Each Achieve More).

Wilsen initiatives provides the platform where youth can realize their full potential and make strong linkages through sharing ideas and networking with other peers from within and beyond, and realize common projects together to bring their interest and potential to life.


Wilsen initiative was born through its founder Mr. Wilson Masaka Magambo who is a web developer, IT trainer, a football coach in the community. He has wide range of experiences working with youth at both the community level and in the education sector teaching youth on how to use technology to shape their future. Through his passion for learning, sharing, networking and innovation, it has always been his dream to see youth live a responsible life and be at the steering to determine their destinations and be a positive role model to the society.

More information:

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

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  • One of the players after football activities working at his small workshop. He is a tailor, in Kenya football doesn't pay much!

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  • Team spirit. Creating connection with the opponent team even after going down 2 -1. Sports unites us all

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  • Head coach Wilson Masaka giving instructions to player during half time during the Sakata tournament.

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  • Mathare North Rangers FC. Our football team under the sport tourism project.

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