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Ausbildungs- und Bildungsprojekte in Schwellenländern initiieren

A project from Von Kulturen Lernen e.V.
in Bielefeld, Germany

Our association has set itself the goal of initiating ecologically oriented training and education projects in emerging countries and supporting existing ones. Girls and women in particular are often denied access to education.

M. Schikore
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About this project

In emerging countries, girls and women often do not have the same development opportunities as the male gender.
Therefore, it is our concern to support their existing potential in cooperation with local organisations.

In doing so, we can draw on an interdisciplinary network of experts from different countries.

More information will be posted here soon and updated regularly. 
For example, the platform "" aims to enable young people to receive training in ecological professions and to pass on the knowledge they have gained to their compatriots. 

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