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Fit for Tibet!

A project from Tibet Initiative Deutschland e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The alternative to the Olympic Games: Let's hike, run and cycle together the way from Berlin to Lhasa 6,633 kilometers from August 8 until October 10/2021!

Tibet Initiative Deutschland e.V.
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About this project

Fit for Tibet: The way to Tibet

Tibet has been occupied by China for 70 years.
Although the Tibetans have resisted peacefully for decades, their unique culture is systematically destroyed by the Chinese government and free expression is severely punished - even possession of a photo of the Dalai Lama can result in long prison terms and torture.
While the human rights situation in Tibet is now worse than ever, the Chinese government is using the upcoming Olympic Games in 2022 to hide its repressive policies.

Together with human rights organizations around the world, we called for a boycott of the Games, but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) leaves no room for human rights debates.
We are therefore tackling an alternative to the games and hike, run and cycle together the way from Berlin to Lhasa from August 8 until October 10/2021 (6,633 kilometers)! Our regional groups, Tibet supporters, athletes and sports enthusiasts support us in achieving our goal.

Find more information about the campaign on our homepage:
For every kilometer covered we collect 1 euro!

Support our sporting solidarity campaign with your donation or with the kilometers you have coverd!

Thank you very much! 
The Tibet Initiative Deutschland e.V. has been campaigning for Tibetans' right to self-determination and the protection of human rights in Tibet since 1989. We are non-profit and finance our work mainly through donations and membership fees. In our political campaigns we mobilize the public and politics, among other things, for the release of political prisoners, the preservation of Tibetan culture and counteract Chinese propaganda about Tibet in Germany.

What we do:
/ We provide information about the political situation and human rights violations and raise public awareness about Tibet with the help of our high-profile campaigns, such as the flag campaign and the UN campaign. 
/ We encourage people to actively stand up for Tibet
/ We work with political decision-makers from all democratic parties and ensure that Tibet is on the political agenda
/ We specifically campaign for political prisoners in Tibet
/ We work with the Tibetans in exile. The Association of Tibetans in Germany (VTD) is a board member of the Tibet Initiative.
/ We are in close contact with the Tibetan government in exile in India and their representations in Europe
/ We are an active member of the International Tibet Network (ITN) and work closely with partner organizations at home and abroad
/ We are in contact with Chinese civil rights activists and dissidents and seek dialogue with Chinese actors