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A brighter and better future for children and youth in rural Africa!

A project from BY Inspiration Missions to Africa e. V.
in Wassa Atobease, Ghana

BY Inspiration Missions to Africa e.V. is a social development and sustainability charitable organization registered in Germany and Ghana. It aims at leveraging the power of formal and non-formal education to create a more equitable and just society.

Barbara Asare
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Although Africa is rich in natural resources, poverty is still prevalent on the continent. Children born in rural communities in Africa are already disadvantaged due to their location and do not enjoy the same quality education and childhood life as their peers in the cities. Transformative education plays a vital role in poverty eradication. 

BY Inspiration Missions to Africa e.V. was established with its main purpose as to empower the children and youth in rural communities in Africa and to give them a chance for a better future. We believe education should be directed at the full development of the human personality and also strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. 

Our current program seeks to provide improved school building and sanitary facilities, financial aid to the very needy, mentoring, training and workshops for the children and youth in our target communities. We aim at strengthening the capacities of our selected communities. 

We are reaching out to you to help us provide a better and brighter future for the children and youth in rural communities in Africa.
This year, Wassa Atobease district in the Western Region of Ghana has been selected to benefit from our program.

The total cost of projects in Wassa Atobease district is 35,400€.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Scholarship Program for 8 tertiary students for 4 academic years: 14,400€

  • Improved school building and sanitary facility project: 15,000€

  • Subsidy for 10 volunteers visiting the community as mentors and also help residents do the construction: 6,000€

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