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Menstrual Health Equity for Refugees and Lebanese people who menstruate

A project from Hildashaus e.v.
in Minyara, Lebanon

The purpose of this campaign is to support 150 vulnerable women and people who menstruate in Lebanon with reusable and washable menstrual kits purchased from the local social enterprise Day for Girls Lebanon along with a menstrual awareness programme

Federica Cecalupo
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The economic crisis in Lebanon increased menstrual product prices by up to 500%. With a lack of gender inclusivity in the emergency response from the government, Lebanese & refugee women experienced difficulties managing their periods.
We believe that the distribution of menstrual products alone doesn't ensure that people can menstruate with dignity. For this reason, besides the kit distribution, we will also run a menstrual awareness program in Arabic.
We aim to distribute:
  • 50 menstrual kits in the Ibrahim Junction Minyara Syrian Refugee camp
  • 50 menstrual kits in the Naher al Bared Palestian Refugee camp
  • 50 menstrual kits to locals at Days for Girls Lebanon
The liners have six layers of protection, adapting to individuals' flow. They require little water for washing, dry quickly & can be used for up to 5 years. The pouches are water-resistant & safely stow used liners while on the go. Each kit costs € 12.
The economic crisis has had a large impact on the prices and availability of basic goods. A lack of menstrual products means that women & girls are more likely to adopt unhygienic & potentially dangerous methods to deal with menstruation, such as using newspapers, torn clothes, or even cardboard, which may lead to serious infection. Despite the challenge of accessing water & hygiene facilities, a washable & reusable pad appears to be the most effective long-term solution.
With each kit you donate, you not only give your support towards ending period poverty, but also to the Lebanese economy.
Hildashaus eV is a Berlin-based charity & community where women and menstruating people in vulnerable positions gain tools to reach financial independence by overcoming the physical, psychological & educational barriers that stand in their way.
Hildashaus runs multiple projects related to menstrual health awareness in Berlin & developing countries. Hildashaus works in the front-line to approach women refugees or seeking asylum not as victims but as future guardians, leading their communities toward a more democratic society.
As the first European affiliate of international non-profit organization I Support The Girls (ISTG), ISTG Germany primarily collects & distributes essential items like bras & period products to marginalized groups, including refugees & asylum seekers.
Hildashaus & ISTG are working together with Days for Girls Lebanon , a social enterprise run by local women working towards female empowerment through menstrual care solutions, health education & income-generating opportunities.
Our goal is to build bridges between our communities in Germany & the community in Lebanon. In the long term, this collaboration will lead to the implementation of several programs through an integrated cross-sectoral approach. The Menstrual Health Awareness project aims to provide a first assessment of the multifaceted issues related to period poverty in refugee camps.