Funded "Break down the wall"

An aid project by Ruth S. in Berlin, Germany

Ruth S. (Project Manager)

Ruth S.
Break down the wall is a social project at a school in Berlin.

Boys and girls (around 13 years old) will get the chance to be part of a workshop that wants to give them a chance to talk talking and discuss about discrimination. (The theme will be fixed in a couple of weeks in agreement with the teachers)

Graffiti will be the Medium for the boys and grils to express themselves. A Graffiti artist from Berlin will learn them the right technique and help to give "form and colour" to their ideas. We want to stimulate the students to deal with the theme discrimination in a creative way.

The project finds place in context of my own studies at the Free University of Berlin. I am currently studying intercultural education there.
Secondly, I am also becoming support of Outreach, mobile youth work in Friedrichshain.

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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