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Natural medicine - health for everyone with resources from the rainforest

A project from konga - Freundeskreis Tshuapa e.V.
in Bokungu, Congo (Democratic Republic)

Health for all through the use of the rainforest: 50 multipliers are to be trained in natural medicine at two central locations, in Bokungu and Yangambo. The production of medicines with local resources is shown and practiced.

W. Leinen
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For the forest farming families in the Tshuapa rainforest, conventional medical care is often unaffordable and dangerous. There is no health insurance that can relieve them; everything has to be paid for or bought; the meager household coffers are often not even enough for the bare essentials. In addition, drugs can often only be bought at the open market stalls under the blazing sun, without appropriate storage for the product; It is not uncommon for them to include counterfeit drugs with no or harmful ingredients. In addition, the rainforest is a real pharmacy with all its medicinal plants and there are also many preventative measures that can be done. Since there is a tradition of healers, but well-founded knowledge is often lacking, the "Natural Medicine" program was introduced in 2003 with German support, accompanied by the international organization anamed founded by the Congo-experienced pharmacist Hans-Martin Hirt and by the Congolese branch under the leadership of the biologist and development activist Konda Ku Mbuta. More than 15 initiatives are still active today, not counting the countless family gardens. From time to time, refresher courses are necessary in order to maintain the level of health care, to enable exchange and to attract new multipliers. Thanks to the support of the Kolping Family Olching, such events were held in the Ikela territory at the beginning of the year. For the Bokungu Territory (22,000 km2,> 300,000 inhabitants) a large part of the necessary funds is still missing. The participants often cover long distances for the seminar, sometimes more than 100 km of rainforest slopes on foot. They organize the accommodation themselves and also part of the meals. Money is needed for training materials, such as manuals for multipliers and seeds of recognized medicinal plants, for the central catering during the lunch break, transport costs for the animators and the leader, as well as a small fee for the teachers. At two central locations, in Bokungu and Yangambo, 50 multipliers are to be trained in natural medicine. The production of medicines with local resources is shown and practiced. The project manager, who comes from the rainforest region, can look back on almost 20 years of experience in this field and is also a trained expert in rural development who has been happy to pass on his knowledge for decades. Warm invitation to support! And: if people can live better in the rainforest, the green lungs of our world also have good prospects.