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konga - Freundeskreis Tshuapa e.V.

managed by W. Leinen

About us

The "Konga - Friends Tshuapa eV", short Konga eV sees itself as a partner of the local self-help organisations of Tshuapa - region in the Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The "Konga e.V." provides a forum in German society and a platform for mutual exchange. He advises, accompanies and supports their projects on the ground in terms of helping people help themselves and in the context of sustainable development.

As an association, we promote awareness of the marginalized inhabitants of the rainforest and its interests in the European public. The main focus is the promotion of justice, maintaining their livelihoods and the integrity of creation.

The Konga Association promotes and supports the exchange and partnership between groups and individuals of different cultures.

The region Bokungu - Ikela lies isolated in the equatorial rain forest at Tshuapa river, tributary of the Congo in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To 42,000 km2 lives a population of about 600,000 people, mainly from agriculture in very poor conditions. Main problem is the lack of transportation to evacuate products such as beans, corn, rice, palm oil, fish, rubber to the 800 or 1500 km away markets. The years of war followed by military occupation until 2004 has almost completely destroyed the existing infrastructure. Today, the area suffers from extreme depopulation especially the younger. Together with the local self-help organizations, Konga Association strives to improve the living conditions in the region and thus not least to preserve the intact rainforest with its enormous importance for the global climate . Currently supports the German partner organization, the school project of the Fondation Frere du Paysan Bokungu -Ikela (FFPA). The approximately 300 primary and secondary schools offer educational opportunities for more than 200,000 children. With few exceptions, these schools have little to no equipment. Thus, the children sit normally on the floor and write on their knees. FFPA wants to change that and give the children an adequate learning environment. She concludes with the parents' committees contracts for the rehabilitation of school buildings and grounds and take care in return for the provision of locally manufactured simple school desks, which are also the local craftsmen work and bread. Thus, a positive and creative cycle is set in motion, which broadcasts to the whole society. The material cost of a school desk will be approximately 15 EUR. To equip an average school, around 120 school desks are needed. More info:
Reforstation in the deserted Bas - Congo: with Konda Ku Mbuta from anamed Congo and womens organisation Songa Nzila we have lanced the campaign "beehive investment". For 20 EUR the donator can "buy" a beehive, marked with his name and recive certificate and fotodocument. "Forest and honey" gives families a continuous income and leeds to preservation and replanting of forests. world climate project. contact:

Latest project news

Ich habe 64,62 € Spendengelder erhalten

  W. Leinen  18 June 2019 at 05:53 PM
Kongo - Pavillon auf der Gartenmesse am 29./30.6. im Losheimer SeeGarten am Stausee: besuchen Sie uns! "Handwerk & Genuss" - aus dem Tshuapa - Regenwald und aus dem heimischen Hochwald. Mit Raphiarbeiten, Copal - Weihrauch, Kongo - Lieschen und Grossmutters Pfennigbäumchen, Losheimer Baumnüsse und Sonnenfrüchtchen, ... 100 % Natur, 100% für die Selbsthilfeprojekte der Waldbauern. Damit Menschen im und mit dem Regenwald leben können. Damit die grüne Weltlunge weiter atmet... Mit Infomaterial und schokoladigen Produktpröbchen aus dem Fair-Handel zum Mitnehmen. Und: Fotoausstellung mit Bildern aus dem Herzen Afrikas.
Die aktuellen Spenden helfen, die Dorfschule im Bokungu - Territorium mit lokal gefertigten Schulbänken auszustatten. Damit die Schulkinder nicht mehr auf dem staubigen Boden sitzen und auf ihren Knien schreiben müssen. Schöner Zusatzeffekt: Säger und Schreiner können den Lebensunterhalt ihrer Familien erarbeiten und ausserdem noch junge Dorfleute in der Holzbearbeitung unterweisen. 
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