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StattTour: Inclusive city tours through Hamburg

A project from StattTour gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in Hamburg, Germany

StattTour promotes accessibility and inclusion through encounters at eye level. With us, wheelchair users show Hamburg from their perspective. The special feature: the participants also experience the city in their wheelchairs!

Florian Knittel
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About this project

Welcome to StattTour. We are a project from Hamburg, which promotes accessibility and inclusion. With us, these topics should not only be understood, but experienced. How do we do that? Through encounters at eye level: through a wheelchair tour through Hamburg for pedestrians guided by wheelchair users. 

Wheelchair users show the metropolis of Hamburg from their perspective. The special feature: pedestrians also experience the city in wheelchairs! The participants of our StattToure get a wheelchair from us to gain an insight into existing barriers in the cityscape. By doing this, we offer the opportunity to experience mobility scenarios that wheelchair users are confronted with on a daily basis. In order to guarantee a change of perspective that is as authentic as possible, the tours are accompanied and guided by active wheelchair users. 

Together the group explores Hamburg's HafenCity in a wheelchair: Where have barriers already been removed in the best possible way? Where do they still need to be overcome? The tour guides also share their own experiences on the subject of accessibility and initiate a joint dialog. After the tour, the participants reflect together on what they have experienced.

In this way, the participants recognize where barriers still exist on the streets, but also in their minds. By raising awareness in this way, we create mutual understanding and want to contribute to the inclusion of people in wheelchairs.

We are currently in need of donations to fund a trailer for our wheelchairs as well as to assist with ongoing expenses. Due to the Corona pandemic, we were unable to conduct tours for almost three quarters of a year.

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