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Covid-19 Pandemic in Uganda - Donations for the Arts for Change Centre

Kampala Kajjansi, Uganda

We support the Ugandan organization Omuti Kreativ during the current lockdown situation. In the district center 40 children need to be taken care of, also donations for the infrastructure and the garden of the district center are needed.

Miriam Richter from Arts for Change e.V.
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While the pandemic situation in Germany has improved significantly in recent weeks, the Covid-19 situation in Uganda has unfortunately deteriorated rapidly in June 2021. The delta variant is on the rise, hitting a population of which just 1% has dual vaccination protection. The health care system is already overburdened, people are being turned away from hospitals, and there is not nearly enough oxygen. As a result, Uganda has been under a strict lockdown since June 18. All schools and universities have been closed, public transport has been suspended, and there is a curfew between 7pm and 5:30am. The lockdown poses an immense economic and existential challenge to many people in Uganda. Families and day laborers are particularly affected. They cannot go to work because public transport has been suspended. As a result, they cannot buy food and often go hungry. Due to the closure of schools, young people come daily to the Arts for Change Center of the organization Omuti Kreativ. For many, it is the only place to go during this difficult time. Many parents are not able to take care of their children. Currently, 40 children from the community of Lweza come every day. Omuti Kreativ wants to offer them a shelter during the lockdown. The normal projects like school programs and workshops cannot take place in the lockdown, but the center should remain open for the children and young people - of course considering the hygiene requirements. In order for this to be realized, support is urgently needed to provide the local families with the basic necessities and to maintain their own infrastructure and supplies. Donations are urgently needed for reusable masks, soap, increasing water consumption, hot meals for children and youth, support for the community garden as well as materials for a handicraft project that aims to prevent the exploitation of children and youth. All donations will go into the account of the German partner organization Arts for Change e.V. and will then be transferred directly to Omuti Kreativ in Uganda. The donations from crowdfunding will only be used for the needs stated here. Since it is unclear how long the lockdown will last, the crowdfunding is not limited in time. This is to ensure flexible funding during the emergency. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at