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Promoting school education (Malawi & Kenya)

A project from KilometersForHope e.V.
in Cape MacLear, Malawi

- Procurement of textbooks at Yankho School, Cape Maclear (Malawi) /// Support for a day trip to Tsavo East National Park to promote environmental education as well as food catering for pupils in the school day (Kenya) -

Marcel Naporra
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About this project

With KilometersForHope e.V., we want to draw attention to what each and every one of us can do to make our global village more equal. Our association promotes and supports social projects in communities that receive little to no support from local governments and businesses.
In particular, access to education is difficult in large parts of Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, around 34 million primary school children are unable to go to school, which accounts for about 50% of all children of primary school age in the world.
We want to use this year's donations to provide opportunities for children in this region to have better access to education.
By the end of 2021, we aim to reach a donation total of 9,300 €. With this donation amount, we will support the following two projects:

Yankho School, Cape Maclear (Malawi):
By purchasing textbooks and building a school library, we are improving the learning standards for a total of 300 children.  For this we need a donation of 2,300 €.
This sub-project will be carried out together with the organisation 4africa, with whom we were already able to complete a joint agricultural project at Yankho School in 2020.
Environmental education for elephant conservation (Kenya):
Together with Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. we support the children of two schools in the region of Tsavo East National Park in a sustainable way and with a focus on environmental education for the protection of elephants.
The environmental education programme includes a day trip with the pupils of each of the two schools. The excursion includes the entrance fee to Tsavo East National Park, teaching materials related to the topic, a visit to one of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's (SWT) reintroduction stations for elephant orphans, and meals. The children work on exercise materials on the topic and receive a certificate at the end of the excursion.
But the children should not only be encouraged by a single excursion. The environment of their everyday school life is also to be improved in the long term. The schools are therefore supplied with enough food to provide the children with healthy meals for better learning conditions. The food is grown regionally and sold at local markets. We pay attention to fair prices and sustainable cultivation.
In addition, the two schools are provided with sports equipment. This includes, for example, footballs, nets, basketballs, badminton sets or similar. This creates a varied and pleasant environment in which the children can learn under much improved circumstances.
Experience with already supported schools has shown that the children are enthusiastic to learn more about their environment and elephant conservation. In this way, foundations are laid to protect elephants in the future and to preserve nature and biodiversity.
The required donation amount is 7,000 €.