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Micro-Entrepreneurship Program for Women in Morocco

A project from ABURY Foundation gGmbH
in Marrakesh, Morocco

The Micro-Entrepreneurship Programme supports women in rural areas of Morocco, where equality is still the exception, in implementing their own business model to enable them to become financially independent.

Andrea B.
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The ABURY Foundation aims to empower women and help them achieve financial independence. The Corona pandemic has worsened the situation of women globally and the UN says we have been set back decades on the issue of gender justice. Our project is aimed at women in Morocco. Here, the situation on the labour market has deteriorated extremely for women. Among young job seekers between 15 and 24 years old, there is an unemployment rate of 32.4 per cent, and among graduates it is 18.7 per cent.* That is why we are currently launching a project for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship in the field of "production and trade of handicraft products". We accompany young women, especially from rural areas, from the initial idea for their own business to setting up a company and beyond. Over a period of two years, we motivate and coach them, strengthen their skills in business management issues, realise the start of their own business with them and help them to implement and expand it. In doing so, we draw on around 10 years of experience with traditional handicrafts in the region. We work here with Moroccan coaches and women entrepreneurs who have local experience and speak the local languages. One of them is Hanane Oubidar, whom we got to know and appreciate in a mentoring project in 2016 together with EMA.
The project starts in Q3 2021 - and runs over different stages for 2 years. In total we want to enable 10 women to start their own business.

We need the donations for:
- Moroccan teachers / coaches for the women (business coaches, soft skills coaches, digital coach, English).
- Transport for the participants (the women have to come to Marrakech for the block classes, some of which are physical. We want to subsidise these travel costs).