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Water and bridges for Roma village

Building of nine metal bridges, collection of spring water in concrete wells, installation of garbage system in July 2012.

M. Gierens from futuRoma e.V.Write a message

Life in the slums is hard and dangerous. Delapidated bridges without hand rails make crossings a hazardous adventure, especially in wintertime, when they get slippery and many a child or old people end in the river with broken limbs.
Clean water from mountain springs ooze away in the mud, garbage is dumped into the river for lack of a garbage system.
In July we want to replace the bridges by proper metal constructions with rails, collect the spring water in conrete wells, and install an organised garbage system. We will do this ourselves with the help of Roma people so that the costs can be kept as low as possible.

This means:
- Direct help without losses to red tape
- Each child with proper education escapes prostitution and unemployment
- With very little money we can acchieve a manyfold success:
1 € equals one warm lunch for three children
2 € equal a dozen breads, sufficient for a whole family for 2 days
12 € is the rent of a simple flat with two rooms
300 € get a brand new, solid metal bridge with rails,

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