Funded CARE-packages against the hunger in Chad

An aid project by “CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.” (B. Meinardus) in im Osten des Landes, Chad

B. Meinardus (Project Manager)

B. Meinardus
To mitigate the threat of a hunger crisis in Chad, we must act quickly and provide the people with food while simultaneously developing sustainable agriculture projects in the region. Please support our work and donate a CARE-package for Chad!

During the period between March and May, Chad goes through the so-called “hunger months”, where the people rely exclusively on their supplies. But this year the granaries are empty due to little rain and a poor harvest. It is only a matter of time when the last plant will fall victim to the ongoing drought and the cattle will not find any more food.

In eastern Chad, close to the Sudanese refugee camp, CARE is already providing families in need with food and drought-resistant seeds. In order for the people to be able to nourish themselves despite the hostile climate, CARE trains them in more productive irrigation and cultivation methods. We also ensure health programmes for the cattle herd through vaccination campaigns and veterinary medicine.

From March till June, the families are not able to plant or harvest. Without a fast emergency assistance that helps support families with food, a severe hunger crisis threatens to affect 1.2 million people. To avoid that, CARE needs your help. Please support our work and the people in need in Chad. With your donation, we can provide food and emergency relief for the families that need it most. CARE helps people all around the world – you can, too!

CARE was awarded first place in the Transparency Awards of the accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2008 and is praised every year for its transparent reporting. The seal of the DZI (German Institute for Social Issues) certifies the responsible use of your donations, prudent budgeting and the careful monitoring of all expenditures. We guarantee that your donation will benefit our projects in Chad. CARE is a member of the alliance “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, a union of renowned German aid organizations which join forces in cases of disasters with the aim of rendering aid quickly and effectively.

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Location: im Osten des Landes, Chad

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  • CARE-Mitarbeiterin Annika Jenner besuchte zwei Wochen lang Projekte im Tschad und sprach mit den Menschen vor Ort. (Foto: CARE/ Iriba)

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  • Über 250.000 sudanesiche Flüchtlinge leben seit der Darfur-Krise im Osten des Tschads. (Foto: CARE/Estey)

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  • Die Vorräte sind so gut wie aufgebraucht.

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  • Die Brunnen sind fast erschöpft. Viele müssen repariert werden, auch für das Vieh.

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