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A project from RockCity Hamburg e.V. - Zentrum für Popularmusik
in Hamburg, Germany

With the donation campaign #musicsupportHH, RockCity helps musicians and DJs who are faced with existential nothing due to the Corona crisis. Support your local musician!

Susan Lindenhahn
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About this project

Everyone listens to music, everyone talks about music, but where it is created, with the musicians themselves, the working conditions are often persistently tricky. That is why RockCity Hamburg e.V. has been campaigning for over 3,000 musicians from Hamburg for 34 years. We are the point of contact for young talent and professionals. We stand by their side with our diverse projects, dry tears or cheer with them. We are the bridge from the musical idea to the stage, but also a political mouthpiece that sometimes gets loud when musicians in Hamburg lack space, instruments, work, perspective, stages or opportunities.

2020 was a special year for society but also for the music industry: the corona virus had an impact worldwide that we will still feel in the years to come. Many concerts, festivals and other events could not take place due to the 2020 pandemic and had to be postponed or even canceled entirely. The musicians behind the scenes are particularly hard hit - many funding programs that have been set up have only limited or no effect on them and they are threatened with existential hardship.

Since March 13, 2020, RockCity has been calling for donations with the #musicsupportHH campaign and has already collected almost € 115,000 to date. From these donations, immediate aid was paid out to 65 applicants for the first time at the end of June 2020. That's a drop in the ocean, but every cent helps and moves! With the Hamburg Gagenfonds and the support of the Authority for Culture and Media, musicians and DJs can increase their fees, some of which are far too low, for live events and digital streams that have taken place during the pandemic in order to have a bright spot in the future.

For all of this we need people like you by our side. Because only together can we create conditions for Hamburg's young musicians and their professionals that guarantee a diverse musical culture in the city. To this end, we modernize and digitize our program year after year. Help with! Be there with your donation!

A donation of 50€ corresponds to one consultation hour for musicians. The minimum wage for a young Hamburg artist is paid at 250€. 500€ corresponds to the minimum fee for a professional musician. 1.000€ corresponds to a cost subsidy for music projects (e.g. music video, promotion, production of an EP).