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A project from European Alliance Against Depression e.V.
in Leipzig, Germany

The website and the online self-management iFightDepression tool are evidence-based resources for information and supportive treatment of depression. Help us to keep both up-to-date and free for users!

Ainslie O´Connor
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About this project

The European Alliance Against Depression e.V. ( based in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main is a non-profit, internationally active association with the aim of better care for depression and prevention of suicidal behaviour!

We have partners from more than 20 countries around the world, whom we support not only in implementing community-based interventions, but also take part in research projects in the fields of depression and eMentalHealth.

We are responsible for the international website and the multilingual, online-based self-management tool iFightDperession. In order to keep these resources free, up-to-date and translate them into even more languages, we need your support! aims to raise awareness of depression and suicidal behaviour. It addresses the broad public, adults and young people, family and friends, community professionals and health care professionals. Visitors can also find out about sources of help in their country. Users can fill in a depression self-test, share feedback and download materials. With the help of our parteners across the globe, we have translated the website so far into 17 different languages.

The iFightDepression Tool is a multilingual internet based guided self-management tool for adults and adolescents with milder forms of depression, which is currently available in 14 languages.

The iFightDepression tool consists of clearly arranged and easy-to-comprehend text modules supported by graphics. Additionally, work sheets are offered for homework and personal exercises. These can be filled in and saved by patients directly on the computer or printed out and completed offline.

For young people, an adapted version of the programme is also available, containing age specific modules on relationships and social anxiety.

Use of the tool: A central element of the tool is the guidance by a trained health professional.