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Charity run Caritas Mittagstisch Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg, Germany

Charity run for the caritas foodbank Wolfsburg.

Pascal Paske from Caritas Wolfsburg e.V.
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The Caritas foodbank Supports people in need with groceries. Our main groups are the elderly, familys and homeless that need our help.

Mainly we get food donations from supermarkts the food is then sorted by it´s sell by date and it´s condition with fruit and vegetables. When we do not have enough food to share out we must buy some essentials on top, for this reason are donations greatly receved.

One of our volontiers has deceided to take the initiative. And has decided to take part in the wolfsburg marathon in aid of charity, all donations will be greatfully accepted and given directly to the Caritas Wolfsburg.

James Sabin