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Help for Hopeland in Thessaloniki, Greece

A project from Zorro Dogsavior e.V.
in Thessaloniki, Greece

Help us to gather monthly costs for our shelter dogs

Zorro-Dogsavior e. V.
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About this project

We as Zorro-Dogsavior eV helped to set up an animal shelter in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2019. The aim was to establish an animal shelter with "German" quality standards and to have a trusting relationship with the management there. We did this with our friend (Natasa) in (Hopeland).

(Zorro) currently has 70 animals there. For understandable economic reasons, this accommodation cannot be provided free of charge.

So each place there costs us 70-90 euros and we also take care of the rent, while our Greek friend takes care of all the dogs there, very lovingly.

So we have monthly costs that we want and have to pay.

That's why we need your support!