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Barmwony Primary School

A project from Visions for Children e.V
in Oyam, Uganda

At the "Barmwony Primary School" there is a lack of classroom space and the current sanitary facilities are in a very poor condition. Together with local partners, we are building well-equipped classrooms and new latrines.

Franziska Winterling
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About this project

At Barmwony Primary School in Oyam (Uganda), there are approximately 1,253 students aged 6-13 registered. 13 employed teachers teach the children in classes of on average 180 pupils each. The school is located in an economically weak area. Most of the students come from socially underprivileged families with a low level of education. As in other parts of Uganda, child labor is part of everyday life in this district.

The acute lack of space – 7 classrooms for 1,253 students – not only leads to an enormous loss of concentration, but also makes it impossible to teach the students efficiently. As a result, they do not learn the necessary basic skills such as reading, writing and math. Moreover, only 9 latrines are available for all students and the 15 employees of the school. However, these latrines are in such a desolate and unhygienic condition that they cannot be used. Although this affects all students, girls in particular are prevented from hygienic and thus safe school attendance during their menstruation. Additionally, the borehole that was dug for a well has collapsed in the meantime and is unusable – if it was intact, it would provide clean groundwater.

Measures - your support is needed!

At the school, our local colleagues are constructing a new school building with four well-equipped classrooms and an office room including an integrated water supply with rain gutters and water tank. In addition, drainable latrines will be built as single cubicles in two blocks and a hand washing facility. In addition, the quality of teaching and school management will be improved through workshops. Accordingly, "WASH workshops" (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) are planned following the construction work. The aim is to teach the children how to use water and the importance of hygiene in a playful way.

In addition, COVID-19 education is planned for all students, teachers and employees of the school. A workshop on menstrual hygiene and puberty will also be held for older students. They will learn how to make sanitary pads themselves from simple materials. This workshop will indirectly help to ensure that the students are not absent from class because of their periods and do not suffer any educational disadvantage. 

The measures are already in full swing, but to cover the costs we still need financial support!

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