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New Mudita School Sri Lanka! Help us build an orphanage

A project from Mudita e.V.
in Galle, Sri Lanka

Mudita Foundation is a German charity with the aim of improving the living conditions of disadvantaged and orphaned children in Myanmar and Sri Lanka by promoting health,education and a sustainable lifestyle. Video from the last Mudita School Myanmar

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Projects in Myanmar 2016-2021

In January 2018 the Mudita School Myanmar opened his doors. In the first year, a self-sufficient complex for more than 250 children was built on 35 hectares of land. With the help of international volunteers and the involvement of the local population, a sustainable project based on local resources was created. It was our first pilot project that should serve as a model for future projects. See start video. A military coup took place in Myanmar in February 2021. Organizers of NGOs in particular were on the military's hit list. In mid-March, the Mudita School was also attacked by the military. A continuation of the project activities in Myanmar is currently not possible. Mudita Foundation will therefore continue its work at a different location. The network of international supporters, partner schools and volunteers is still in place. The valuable experience that we have been able to gain in Myanmar over the years will also be of great use to us to implement future projects.

New Mudita School Sri Lanka

In the past few years, Mudita e.V. has been able to establish good contacts in Sri Lanka. After the tragedy in Myanmar, many helping hands came from Sri Lanka with the invitation to set up a new Mudita school. We have therefore decided to set up our new project in Sri Lanka. We are planning to build an orphanage with an attached school and organic farm like the one in Myanmar. In the Mudita School Sri Lanka we will use an educational concept that is based on modern classroom pedagogy, but also relies heavily on sustainability and the promotion of live skills. By teaching manual skills such as carpentry, pottery, sewing and organic farming, the children receive a solid basis for their lives and can also develop a deep connection with nature.

Mudita e.V. has been working with international schools from five countries (Germany, Singapore, Israel etc.) since 2018. There has been a lively dialogue in online conferences, exchange programs and through scholarships in Germany and Israel. This cooperation will also be continued in Sri Lanka. Through the cooperation with the international schools and project-based teaching, the students can develop into open-minded, self-confident and ethically conscious people.


In September 2021, the chairman of Mudita Foundation Markus Meier (Mokkhita) will travel to Sri Lanka to start building the new school project. The orphanage will be built from scratch. An 3 - 5 acer (about 2 hectare) site with approximately Ten buildings is planned. A residential building for the 30 children, 10 employees and 5 volunteers as well as a kitchen, sanitary facilities, classrooms, office etc. are to be built.

Mudita e.V. thanks you for your interest in our work and looks forward to any support.